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passivationPassivation is the treatment of a stainless steel with a mild oxidant intended to remove free iron and other foreign matter, but which is generally not capable of the removal of heat tint or oxide scale, for the purpose of improving corrosion resistance by enhancing the formation and structure of the materials naturally forming, corrosion-resistant passive film.

Everett Plating capabilities include:

  • Method 1, Type 2
  • Method 1, Type 8

Materials:  Stainless Steel, Nickel

A material becomes passive when it becomes resistant to environmental elements such as water and air which contribute to corrosion reaction. Stainless steel and nickel alloys are auto-passivating. However, while these metals are being formed, handled or machined, trace amounts contaminates can invade the metal’s surface and effect the passive layer.

The process of passivation removes any free iron, unwanted debris contaminates and oils from the surface where corrosion can initiate. This process restores the alloy to its original engineered properties, improves the appearance and extends the life of the product in many corrosive environments.