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Chromate can be done as a stand alone finish, used by itself, or as a secondary post finish treatment, used over a metal plating. Chemical Film on Aluminum, also called by proprietary names of Alodine or Irridite, is a thin, clear or yellow conversion coating used as a primer for paint, general protection to prevent aluminum from oxidizing, or used in conjunction with masking of an anodized finish for conductivity properties.

Chromate conversion coatings are used to:

  • Provide a good base for paint applications
  • Protect parts from corrosion
  • Provide good electrical properties

Chromate conversion coatings at work:

  • Increases adhesion of paint or other organic coating
  • Inexpensive immersion protective coating for aluminum
  • Cabinetry of electronic power supply
  • Applied by brush in field as touch-up for damaged anodize or paint
  • On aluminum or mixed metal assemblies that can’t be anodized